To and Up the Cell Tower

The cell network is changing. It needs the bandwidth and reliability of fiber.
OFS makes fiber, cable and connectors. Learning from our Bell Labs heritage, we know how to build networks.
OFS鈥 FOX Solution庐 for Cell Sites (CS) is a passive, end-to-end solution optimized to bring fiber to cell sites, and up cell towers.These products help you install the cell backhaul network:

  • Faster
  • More efficiently
  • More reliably with outstanding optical performance

All elements are compact, robustly designed to help minimize attenuation losses and space requirements, and can be configured to address the different needs and conditions of cell sites.
These solutions are field-proven to and up the cell tower.

Application of our products are applied:

  • To the Hut
    • PowerGuide庐 All-Dielectric, Self-Supporting (ADSS) Cables
    • Fortex鈩 DT GelFree Loose Tube Cables
    • AccuRibbon庐 Cables
    • MiDia庐 FX Microcables
  • In the Hut
    • SlimBox鈩 Wall Mount Module
    • 1RU Shelf
    • BlueTiger庐 Jumpers
    • LC, SC and ST Connectors
  • In the Tower
    • Cell Tower Assemblies featuring AccuDry庐 Indoor/Outdoor Cable
    • EZ-Bend庐 Multifiber Drop Bundle

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